Introduction to Biscon Projects

Biscon Projects has the experience, ability and will to successfully complete a range of projects in the Civil, Telecommunication Construction, Trenching, Horizontal and Directional Drilling environment. The people of Biscon Projects uphold chosen company values, which in a nutshell, translates to professional conduct. This not only makes Biscon Projects a pleasure to work with, but it also provides quiet assurance that the job will be done! Biscon Projects mission is to be the first-choice civil and trenching services company in its field of operation.

Things don't happen overnight, they quite often don't happen at all as you planned, and, as in any other business, there is no substitute for hard work, and an honest answer.
We believe that simple service delivery is not enough. We accept that you are only as good as your last project, and that you cannot take the future for granted. We take pride in our personal and hands-on approach, and acknowledge the importance of relationships between our own people, the consultants we work with, our clients, without whom our business could not exist, and the contractors without whom we could not deliver our projects.

Our website is a tool through which we hope to introduce new friends and clients to our business, and through which we want to keep old friends and colleagues informed about what we are doing. It cannot replace the personal touch, and we would not want that to happen.

Thank you very much for your visit. We hope you choose Biscon Projects for your next project!